16650 Huebner Rd Apt 4485

Address: 16650 Huebner Rd Apt 4485
San Antonio, TX 78248
Contact: Leasing For All
(210) 496-3641
Property Type: (1 unit)
Description: Gorgeous rental coming available here in the San Antonio area! Appointments are required for tours, so give us a call today at 210-625-6757! Prospects that provide a valid phone contact are more likely to receive a response. You must have clean rental history (no evictions or broken leases) to be eligible.
Rates/availability are subject to change daily based upon property occupancy rates. The information has been provided by sources deemed reliable, however it's not verified and makes no guarantee, warranty, or representation about it. Any details provided are estimates for example only and don't represent current or future performance.

  Property Rent Deposit Beds Baths Sq. Feet Available

$1,600 Call 3 2 - Available

This property information was last updated on 8/3/2019

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