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RIO Property Solutions LLC

Company Name: RIO Property Solutions LLC
Description: Are you a Renter who would like to be a Homeowner? Are you still saving $, repairing your credit or seasoning your small-business income? RIO Property Solutions helps you become a home owner in 6 - 24 months through our rent to own programs. We lock in your price today on a home you love, then we evaluate you to find your personal "mortgage-ready date". Then you move in and work "your plan"- repairing credit, saving $, paying off bills, seasoning income until going to closing. Success!
Website: http://jimbuyshousesnow.com
Office Locations:
RIO Denver Office
4033 E 17th Ave Parkway
Denver, CO 80220
National HQ
125 Azucar Ave
San Jose, CA 95111
Phone Numbers:
(650) 265-8486 (RIO Property Solutions)